Sales & Marketing

We have a genuine passion for helping businesses optimize their resources.  During a consultation, we will discuss the goals of the business and the company’s current marketing strategies and results.  We will share our insights and suggestions based on our 15 years of sales and marketing expertise.

Free Consultation – 1 hour:

During a one-hour consultation we would discuss the following:

  • Overall business goals
  • Brand message
  • Current marketing strategies
  • Target market
  • What is working and what could use more attention
  • Promotional pricing strategies
  • Social media presence
  • Analysis of current marketing budget spending
  • Make suggestions and share ideas for streamlining your marketing efforts to be most effective, cost efficient and representative of your brand
  • Share details about what support we can provide

All conversations are confidential and do not require any further obligation to work with us.

Ongoing Consulting Services start at $150/hour.