Sanskrit in Paradise with Dharma Widmann

Yoga Retreat in Kauai
July 5 – 12, 2014

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This weekend includes  

  • 6 days (24 hours) of in-depth Sanskrit training with Dharma Widmann
  • Daily sādhana (spiritual practices) of yoga postures & meditation led by skilled yoga teachers from San Francisco:  Robin Duryea & Robyn Tosick
  • Guided hike to one of the the most gorgeous waterfalls on the planet
  • Astrology Fire Night on the beach
  • A heart-opening evening of chanting and spiritual stories
  • Delicious farm to table vegetarian meals (3 meals a day on training days)
  • Optional Excursions (additional fee):
    • Exquisite Botanical Garden private guided tour
    • Stand up paddle board yoga tour

About Dharma, Robyn, and Robin

ForestSadhu-web Dharma Widmann has been a yogi for over 40 years.  Although certified to teach yoga postures in two different styles, his primary focus remains meditation, Sanskrit, and Vedic Astrology.  Dharma was formally trained in Sanskrit by Vyaas Houston, founder of the American Sanskrit Institute and the foremost Sanskrit teacher in the United States.  Dharma has been teaching Sanskrit in the United States and Europe for over 20 years.  He is a professional Vedic Astrologer and continues to expand his practice.  He also lived in India for 2 years where he taught meditation, led chanting groups, and did pilgrimages all over India.  Before living in India, Dharma spent decades working in “Silicon Valley” California as an engineer and executive while teaching meditation, Sanskrit, and other spiritual classes on the side.
Robyn Robyn Tosick has been an avid yoga practitioner for 12 years. Yoga inspired her to find her purpose utilizing her business and marketing acumen to help yogis make a living doing what they love. She created Savvy Yogi, a yoga marketing consulting company where she spends her days immersed in the yoga community. She is dedicated to sharing the gift of yoga with the world.
robin Yoga has been a part of Robin Duryea‘s life for over 15 years, walking into her first Yoga class in 1999. It was a 3 month solo journey through India that solidified her love for the culture and practice. She completed her first formal training in 2008. In the years since she has dedicated her life to studying and sharing the endless avenues and boundless gifts the practice has to offer, hoping to inspire joy, celebration, and love.


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